Monday, January 5, 2009

6 Tips When Playing World at War (Or any FPS), News on Buying Downloadable Games Online, and Bored at the Airport?

6 Simple Tips When Playing Call Of Duty: World At War (Or Any FPS)

1. Developers did not put random cover everywhere just for decor

If you were playing campaign would you go through every room just shooting everything without taking any cover? (If it's not on easy haha) Cover is there for a reason, to protect you from bullets! The next time you see your deaths racking up, the next time you die ask yourself if you died in an open field or behind a wall.

2. Anger Managemen

Let's face it, we all get angry sometimes when we obviously think that we killed them before they killed us. Before you start throwing your controller across the room, take a second and breathe. There are many reasons why your game is probably off.

-Connection. World at War's game play heavily favors the host. If you and the host see each other in a close quarter combat, most of the times he will end up winning. When you see that connection is an issue, try creating more space using longer ranged weapons or simply join another game.

-Not taking cover. Read the first tip

-Off-day. If your having an off day, just breathe and slow down the game. Just go cover from cover shooting down people. This will help if you do not have the connection advantage.

-Slow it down. If your sprinting everywhere rushing in rooms, trying to get as much kills as possible, read tip number 1 again.

It's only a video game, I'll respawn

If this was real life would you rush in a room full of people? Yeah you might get a few kills, but it will end up with a death. Always be careful before you sprint into areas without examining them.

4. There's no I in Team

If you find yourself away from your teammates you better be flanking the enemy with camouflage on. If you died from being flanked from 2 people it better have been because they killed your allies if your complaining. Also if you have a mic (for you PC players out there you have a keyboard) use it! Countless times where I have been ambushed and my teammates don't say anything when they kill them after I'm dead. If you think you can kill them faster than they can kill me, go for it but I'm pretty sure you can use your mouth at the same time.

Another quick tip, if your dealing with a tank (or anything hard to kill in a FPS multiplayer game), don't let it reign havoc on your team! How many times have you seen someone go like 30-2 because no one would kill them when they are in a tank. Everyone ignores them and then calls them "tank noobs" when you can easily take a tank out with one satchel charge underneath it.

5. Reload behind cover and only when you have to

How many times have you died walking around a corner reloading? Always take cover and reload your weapon when you need to. If you just fired a couple of shots and are moving to the next area, go behind a barrel before you do and reload!

6. Release the trigger!

Don't just hold down your fire button and pray and spray. Shoot in bursts of around 2-3 shots if your using an automatic weapon. It reduces recoil dramatically and will increase your accuracy significantly. Also don't forget to aim for the head, always try to!

(Note: Doing the opposite in some FPS games like Halo 3 can work, but it will help your game if you follow these tips)

Overall, be more patient and use your surroundings. While running and gunning may get you many kills, it also can get many deaths.

If you don't have Call of duty or would like to try it, sign up for a free gamefly trial here today.

News on Buying Downloadable Games Online

With technology getting better everyday, game companies are now distributing their games via the internet at a price. It cuts down having to go to your local store and buying a game for more than buying it on line. While the game itself may cost less to download online, make sure you know what you are buying.

Many digital distributors set up required fees when downloading games just in case you want to re-download the game you purchased. While this may come in handy if you buy a new computer, the fee can be around 10 dollars. So before considering buying a game online check the terms and see if making that 10 minute trip and dealing with employees is worth the hassle.

And don't worry, downloading games with the free microsoft points and wii points you've earned, to my knowledge, does not have a re-downloading fee and can be redownloaded with your console's license.

Bored at the Airport?

Going to a long trip anytime soon? Flight cancelled? While waiting you can go to vending machines installed at various airports. Best Buy has set up vending machines filled with hand held gaming systems like the PSP and the DS with games. The next time your on a trip and have nothing to do, or always wanted to try a new game out, don't forget to look around for these machines.

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