Friday, January 16, 2009

The Guide to End All Guides for Microsoft Points, Wii Points, Runescape and WoW months, and Nexon Cash

The Guide to End All Guides for Microsoft Points, Wii Points, Runescape and WoW Month Cards, and Nexon Cash

Through trial error, I have been through countless scams, viruses, and some hack attempts on some of my accounts. This guide is not for you if you do not want:

-Free Microsoft and Wii Points

-Free Runescape and World of Warcraft Months

-Free Nexon Cash and free Gaming Acessories

-Free Custom orders from Ebay and Amazon

-Free in game gold for Runescape, WoW and Mesos for Maplestory

If you do not want free codes e-mailed to you, then this guide is not for you. In this Guide I will help you get your free Point Cards and/or Gaming Accessories either e-mailed or mailed to you 100% Safe and 100% Legal.

How can I get Free Point Cards and Gaming Accessories For Free?

Through Gaming Lagoon, a 100% Safe and 100% Legit site, you complete surveys and gain points for completing a survey GamingLagoon offers you. When you gain points, they are redeemable for 1 USD for each Point you have. It is like a contract, GamingLagoon assigns you a job to complete a survey, in turn they get paid for it and you recieve commission on it via points. In turn you can use those points to get a vast array of prizes.

But What If I don't want to fill out surveys?

Through this guide you will find out how to

-Get Near a 100% Approval Rating

-Complete Surveys in less than a minute

You can zip through surveys in less than a minute with a high approval rating. I mean if you found another way to get free point cards that is 100% Safe and 100% Legal, by all means go for it. You can even check out their privacy policy if you want to be real sure. But if you want a fast, easy, legit, safe way to get Game Point Cards, Memberships, and Gaming Accessories, it's time to get started.

Step 1: Sign up for a Free E-mail Address

The reason you should want another e-mail address is that many surveys require you to submit an e-mail address. Sign up for a spam e-mail address so you don't get massive e-mails about products in your main e-mail address. Some free e-mail providers are MSN, Yahoo, and Google.

Step 2: Sign up for GamingLagoon

If you have not already, sign up for GamingLagoon. If you signed up for a new e-mail address, make sure you use that information in your profile so it matches your filled surveys.

*If you want free in-game gold for Runescape or WoW or free Mesos for Maplestory sign up for GlideGold. Yes you can sign up for both sites just in case you want membership months and in-game currency (i.e. Get a two month WoW card on GamingLagoon and a hundred gold on GlideGold). Both websites have their own point systems so you don't have to build a mass amount of points to get what you want*

*EDIT: I received e-mails from people saying there are offers when you first sign up. It is just to verify you are human and not a bot (to stop people from creating so many fake accounts). Unless you really want the offer, just skip them all until your account is activated*

What If I don't want to put down my real information?

Now to receive prizes, you have to verify your account information. But that is BEFORE you receive your prize. So you can always use fake information and before you request your free Gaming Card Points, Membership, or Gaming Accessories then change it to your real information before you get your prize E-mailed or Mailed to you. If you still live with your parents and don't want them to know about it, you can always have Game Codes and Memberships e-mailed to you, but gaming accessories like Controllers will be mailed to you.

So If you want to include fake information I suggest you use this handy little gadget and fill it in with it.

*NOTE: You can start filling out surveys now without reading the rest of the guide, but if you follow these techniques you can get close to a 100% Approval rating and get your FREE Gaming Item even faster*

Now is a good time to download Roboform. This program allows you to login by clicking a button so you don't have to type it in to protect your passwords from keyloggers but the main reason we want this is because it can fill out survey boxes for us instantly with a click of a button. This becomes extremely important later on when we fill out our surveys. Download the free one and fill out an identity card with the information you got from the FakeNameGenerator.

Step 3: Fill out Offers

Now for a quick mini lesson on how offers work. When you go to an offer, you will recieve a cookie (not an actually cookie haha) that will be stored into your web browser. When you get to the end of the survey, a 1 x 1 pixel that is blended in the background will detect if your cookie is in your browser. If the tracking pixel is viewed and you have the cookie, the offer will be automated as completed and it will send to GamingLagoon, telling them that you have completed the survey.

So it is very very important that you have cookies enabled!

Now although we can fill out forms instantly with roboform, how will we know it'll approve near 100%? I know some of you may think surveys take forever and are discouraged but there is a way to find the tracking pixel. If you can find the tracking pixel, the approval rating will be near 100%. Note, sometimes offers won't approve even if you do find the tracking pixel, but its very unlikely and rare with some offers.

Note this trick will only work for FireFox Users. If you are not a firefox user you can still get a high approval rating, just make sure all your pages load before moving to the next page. Also if you use another browser besides firefox, if you know how to use plug-ins to work javascripts then you may be able to do this trick.

First download the Greasemonkey plug in at When you have it go to tools > GreaseMonkey > New User Script. Set it to:

Name:Tracking Pixel Finder
Description: Finds tracking pixels in a webpage and highlights them.
Includes: (Just type * into this box)
Excludes: (Leave this blank)

Press OK and your text editor should show up. If it doesn't find the notepad application and use that. Type the following code into the editor and save it

// ==UserScript==
// @name Tracking Pixel Finder
// @namespace
// @description Finds tracking pixels in a webpage and highlights them.
// @author Poopkiller55 & ajpatl
// @homepage

// ==/UserScript==
(function() {
var css = "@namespace url(; img[width=\"1\"], img[height=\"1\"] { border:solid 25px green !important; }";
if (typeof GM_addStyle != "undefined") {
} else if (typeof addStyle != "undefined") {
} else {
var heads = document.getElementsByTagName("head");
if (heads.length > 0) {
var node = document.createElement("style");
node.type = "text/css";

To enable it, go to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts

So we have our information that we will use before we request our prizes, we have roboform that will fill out surveys instantly for us, and we have our Greasemonkey Firefox Plugin that will find tracking pixels for us to have a high % approval rating. Now it is time to start filling out offers. Since you want free gaming cards, memberships, or gaming accessories, I'm assuming you want to fill out free offers. But if you have a credit card you can do credit card offers for massive points. The choice is yours. Use the image from above to list the offers from Greatest to Least of Point Value from the Free Surveys.

Now before you click on your survey, make sure you clear all your cookies and cache. Do not disable your cookies! When the offer screen loads up (completely), do what the offer tells you to do at the GamingLagoon page offer. Click on the identity card you made on Roboform to instantly fill the survey out. Enable your GreaseMonkey Plug-In to find any tracking pixels on the page. Your tracking pixels will be surronded by green (unless you changed the code to any other color). Right click on your image and view it in a new tab or window. When it shows up, refresh your page 5-6 times so you have exposed your browser to the tracking pixel many times. When you have reached the end of the offer make sure you have checked the whole page for the tracking pixel and go back hit complete offer. Once its Pending Clear all your cookies and either wait or do another survey.

Make sure you only have 3 - 5 surveys pending at a time. Any more will slow down approval ratings through my experience.

Step 4: Claiming Your Prizes

Very soon you should have enough points to get your free gaming card, membership, or gaming accessory! Now before you request for verification of your account, make sure its 100% real information. For being with GamingLagoon for over a year, they have never sent me any spam mail, called me with any offers, or recieved junk mail from someone I didn't want to receive from. With those paranoid, they will E-mail you gaming cards and membership codes.


So make sure that you keep at it and in no time, you will be playing the games you want (:

For a quick recap of what you should do before you do a survey:

-Clear all Cookies and your Cache
-Let each page load compeletly before doing anything
-Enable your Plug-In On each page to find any tracking pixels, there can be more than 1
-Use your roboform identity card to fill out surveys quickly
-Right click on all pixel trackers and view the image. Then refresh the image 5-6 times for each one
-Complete the offer
-Wait for the Pending (it takes normally up to 10 minutes)

I hope that I have been of help, and I am so assured, that the first 20 people to sign up under the link and not recieve a prize, I will send them 1600 Microsoft Points for Free (:

I hope I have helped you get the free Microsoft and Wii Points, Runescape and World of Warcraft Memberships, and Nexon cash and gaming accessories you wanted and hope you the best in your gaming (:


  1. wow, great guide! this is exactly what i needed, since the surveys were so frustrating and discouraging. this is awesome, thanks so much! =]

  2. what happens when there are no offers available for you country except 0.00001 cash??