Friday, January 2, 2009

Still paying for Microsoft Points, Wii Points, Runescape Months, World of Warcraft Months and Nexon Cash Cards?

*NOTE: this guide is outdated, a more indepth, guide can be found here*

Hey guys I was in need of some Microsoft points to play the Legendary Map Pack so I searched for information and found a way to earn them for free! I was amazed that I found this and I had to share it with you guys. Skeptical, I went through and they actually e-mailed me a free 1600 Microsoft Point Card!

I want to share the same with you guys and I want to make a comprehensive guide so that you don't have to go through the same mistakes I did. The website is:

How the site works: Gaming Lagoon receives offers to give to people. When they complete the offers, Gaming Lagoon gets money for the completed offers. Now no one will just complete the offers for free so Gaming Lagoon offers points (1 point = 1 US dollar). You can redeem these points for prizes (Microsoft Points and Live Memberships, Runescape Memberships, Nexon Cash, Wii Points, World of Warcraft Months, and even controllers and accessories!). They also have other lagoons if you want to get different prizes (:

I'll share with you how offers get credited so you can get your prizes fast and you can get to gaming. First sign up for an account at . Make sure you have real information in your profile, or you can use fake information and change it to your real information before you verify your account to receive prizes. Also head over to yahoo or google and make yourself a new e-mail address to deal with the e-mails you'll get for filling out surveys.

Now the more surveys you complete the more points you will receive. Make sure you have cookies enabled or your surveys will not credit! When you go to the offer page, you will get a cookie. When you reach the end of the survey, there will be a very small 1x1 pixel image that is white called a Tracking Pixel. When you have a cookie on your web browser and your web browser detects the tracking pixel, the offer will be marked as credited.

So you signed up and have your new e-mail address! To get a very high approval rating, make sure you clear your cookies (not disable them!) before doing an offer. Fill out the information (if your using fake information, make sure its the same with your profile or offers will not credit) and complete the offer given the information. Make sure each page loads up completely so the tracking pixel can load up!

Just keep doing offers and you'll eventually have enough points to get your prize! If you request for a point card, they will e-mail it to you, but if you request for another prize they will mail it to you. My next post will show you how I complete offers in less than a minute with a very high approval rating. So make sure you come back in the next few days! Feel free to comment and have a Fun New Year with your free points!


  1. WOW! i cant believe that this worked. i was a little skeptical in the beginning but after filling out just a few forms i was able to finally get some Microsoft points a download things, thanks alot for the posts

  2. Thanks man for the great blog the advice really helped me get some Microsoft points.